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So Long Jekyll, Hello Nextein!


Over the last couple weeks I have been working on nextein. It is a blog / static site generator based on the great work of Next.js. I decided then to migrate my own blog. I'm a Javascript developer. Writting a blog in Markdown is super simple. Having to deal with ruby & liquid was an experience I didn't like much. Don't get me wrong. Jekyll is awesome and very versatile. But it is ruby. And liquid. And I'm not a ruby developer.

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Decorators with ES7


Next ES7 version has some experimental functionality that can be explored today using babel. Among other functionality, we have access to an experimental feature called decorators.

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Using JWT Tokens with Node & ExtJS 5


This post will guide you on how to create a simple ExtJS 5 application to consume a server side api secured with JWT tokens. If you are not familiar with JWT you can read more about it here.

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elmasse-bundle: A Sencha Cmd Package


The Ext.i18n.Bundle project is now available as a Sencha Cmd Package. The latest working version for ExtJS 5.1 is published in my public package repository.

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Working on different customers code base is an interesting experience. Not only you deal with different skills, languages, and configurations but also with versions of ExtJS, Touch and even Sencha Cmd.

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CocktailJS is a NodeJS module to explore concepts such as Annotations, Traits, and Talents aiming to improve code reuse and organization.

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The Ext.ux.Cover widget for Sencha Touch 2 allows you to create a Coverflow presentation not only for images but for almost everything. This implementation aims to work in a similar way as Ext.List, so you can present images, text and even audio or video tags.

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Ext.i18n.Bundle allows you to use properties files (or bundle files) to use them as i18n resources with ExtJS or Sencha Touch projects.

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